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재미있는 sign

Fun / Humor | 2011.05.17 06:00 | Posted by 목수의 졸개 woodykos

가족이 함께 간 동네의 한 일식 라면집 앞에 있던 sign
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This is how scientists see the world?!?!

Fun / Humor | 2011.03.29 06:36 | Posted by 목수의 졸개 woodykos

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엔지니어와 프로젝트 매니저

Fun / Humor | 2009.09.24 06:00 | Posted by 목수의 졸개 woodykos
한 여자가 기구로 비행을 하던 도중 바람에 지도를 날려버렸다.
아무래도 어떤 방향으로 가야할지 몰랐기에 그녀는 어쩔 수 없이 저 아래를 걷고있는 남자에게 소리를 질렀다.

"저, 실례합니다. 여기가 어디인지 가르쳐 주실 수 없습니까? 원래는 1시간 안에 돌아갈 계획이었지만 여전히 이렇게 하늘만 맴도는 중입니다.."

남자는 이렇게 대답했다.

"당신이 있는 장소는, 대략 지상 30미터 정도의 상공입니다. 위치는 북위 36도 30분과 35분의 사이, 동격 39도 45부와 50분 사이지요"

그 말을 듣고 여자가 물었다.

"실례지만, 직업이 엔지니어 아니신가요?"

"그렇습니다. 어떻게 아셨죠?"

"지금 받은 정보는 분명 이론적으로는 틀림없을 것입니다. 그러나 숫자는 해석방법을 모르면 전혀 도움이 되지않습니다. 실제로 저는 변함없이 계속 헤매고 있을 뿐이고 문제는 아무 것도 해결되지 않았습니다"

그러자 남자는 이렇게 말했다.

"당신은 프로젝트 매니저 아닙니까?"

"네, 그렇습니다만, 어떻게 아셨죠?"

"우선 당신은 자신이 지금 있는 위치나 자신이 향해야 할 목표조차 모릅니다.
게다가 지킬 수 있을지 어떨지 모를 약속을 혼자 스스로 한 주제에 저에게 문제 해결을 요구하고 있기 때문입니다. 쉽게말해, 상황자체는 아무런 변화가  없는데도 당신은 자연스럽게 전부 제 탓이라고 말하고 있기 때문입니다"

누군가가 알려준... 출처 불명의 유머. ^^
이걸보면, 난 엔지니어가 확.실. 하다!
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내가 매우 관심있게본 인터넷 기사(?)

여기저기서 가져옴 | 2009.08.13 06:29 | Posted by 목수의 졸개 woodykos
최근, 내가 매우 관심있게 보는 인터넷 사진/기사가 다음의 링크에 있다.

여기 클릭~

어떤 연고로 내가 이런 것에 관심을 가지게 되었을까요~ ^^

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Matrix Runs on Windows XP

Fun / Humor | 2009.06.29 06:37 | Posted by 목수의 졸개 woodykos

매우 재미있었다.
(아... 참고로 나는 MS 까는 것을 즐기는 부류의 사람은 아니다. ^^)
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황당한 내 마누라

비주얼라이제이션? | 2008.10.16 06:13 | Posted by 목수의 졸개 woodykos
벌써 7-8년쯤 전 일일텐데...
언젠가 내가 가지고 있었던 expire된 학생증을 보니, 내 아내가 이렇게 낙서를 해 놓았다.
참... 이런 장난꾸러기 황당한 마누라 같으니라구.
이걸 보고도 한참 재미있어 했고, 그후로도 이걸 일부로 지우지 않고 가지고 있다. ^^

Personal DNA

Fun / Humor | 2008.02.02 18:34 | Posted by 목수의 졸개 woodykos
Personal DNA 라는 걸 알아보는 site에가서 test를 해 봤는데...
대충 말이 되는군...


You are an Attentive Analyst.


about you

You are an Analyst

  • Your attention to detail, confidence, sense of order, and focus on functionality combine to make you an ANALYST.

  • You are very curious about how things work, delving into the mechanics behind things.

  • Along those lines, how well something works is usually more important to you than what it looks like.

  • You find beauty and wonder mainly in concrete, functional, earthly things.

  • You are very aware of your own abilities, and you believe that you will find the best way of doing things.

  • Accordingly, problems do not intimidate you, as you believe in yourself.

  • You trust yourself to find solutions within the boundaries of your knowledge.

  • You don't spend a lot of time imagining how things could be different—you're well-grounded in the here-and-now.

  • It is important for you to follow a routine, and you prefer the familiar to the unknown.

  • You prefer to have time to plan for things, feeling better with a schedule than with keeping plans up in the air until the last minute.

  • Never one to be found in chic boutiques or trendy clothing stores, you take an extremely practical approach to getting dressed.

  • If you want to be different:

  • Try to embrace the imaginative, creative part of your personality more often.

  • Try moving beyond the things that you find comfortable—open yourself up to a broader range of experiences.

  • how you relate to others

    You are Attentive

  • Because you like spending time with others, understand their feelings, and often know what is best for them, you are ATTENTIVE.

  • Some people are merely concerned about others, but you take action, helping people when you have the opportunity.

  • Although you care about others, you are hesitant to trust them to act in the best way on their own.

  • You don't let your concerns with people go unnoticed: if someone has hurt your feelings, that person will hear about it.

  • People energize and excite you—you are able to have fun and be yourself when you're around others.

  • You also learn a lot about yourself by talking things out with people, even if you don't always share things that are important to you.

  • You have a strong sense of right and wrong, and you're not hesitant to express yourself.

  • Understanding the dynamics of a situation is an important skill that you have, and you often intervene to clarify things for others.

  • If you want to be different:

  • You care about people, but finding the ones you can truly trust will allow you to get closer to them.

  • While you have strong opinions about what is right and wrong in the world, you risk coming across as judgmental—be sure to consider different perspectives when voicing your opinion.

  • Your Personal DNA Maps

    Here are personalDNA maps that uniquely represent your personality. Mouse over any part of the box or strip to learn more about the traits that the colors represent.

    Attentive Analyst

    To add this map to your website or blog, copy/paste this HTML into the body of a blog post or web page:

    Attentive Analyst

    To add this map to your website or blog, copy/paste this HTML into the body of a blog post or web page:

    Some sites (LiveJournal, for instance) do not allow 'script' tags. Users of those sites are welcome to the copy full HTML of their personal DNA maps here.

    Your Personality Chart

    »Glossary of Traits

    This chart shows thirteen personality traits. Each bar indicates the percentage of test takers who entered a lower value for that trait than you did. For example, if Confidence is at 80, that means that 80% of people entered lower values for confidence questions than you did. Based on a sample of 30,000 users. Click here to learn more about the traits.

    Low High
    Low High
    Low High
    Low High
    Trust in others
    Low High
    Low High
    Low High
    Low High
    Low High
    Attention to style
    Low High
    Low High
    Imaginative Earthy
    Functional Aesthetic

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    당신은 얼마나 nerd 입니까?

    Fun / Humor | 2008.01.31 23:51 | Posted by 목수의 졸개 woodykos
    인터넷에서 Nerd 정도를 알아보는 테스트가 있어서 해 보았다.

    Overall, you scored as follows:

    4% scored higher (more nerdy),
    1% scored the same, and
    95% scored lower (less nerdy).

    What does this mean? Your nerdiness is:

    All hail the monstrous nerd. You are by far the SUPREME NERD GOD!!!

    나는... percentile ranking으로... 95% 가 나왔다.
    전체 사람들중 나보다 더 nerd인 삶은 4%라는 얘기다.

    그래도 다행이다... 나보다 더 nerd인 사람이 4%는 된다는 얘기니...

    TAG fun, nerd,

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